Text Your Ex Back For iPhone And iPad – Does It Work?

Text Your Ex Back For iPhone & iPad - Does It Work?

Today’s question from a reader:

If I don’t own a laptop or desktop computer will Text Your Ex Back work on my iPhone or iPad?  Or will I miss out on some of the features?

Great question!  Let’s dig in.

First of all, for those not familiar with Text Your Ex Back, it is a program created by relationship expert Michael Fiore that shows you how to use text messages to get your ex back after a breakup.  You can get all the details at MichaelFiore.org.

Text Your Ex Back was originally a single PDF document.  You made your purchase and then downloaded the PDF to your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, or whatever PDF compatible device you happened to be using.

Later, when Text Your Ex Back 2.0 was released, the program was moved inside a private member’s area.  Instead of being one single PDF document, Text Your Ex Back 2.0 is made up of modules inside the member’s area that contain audio, video, and PDF content.

So instead of needing to download the PDF to all of your different devices, you simply login to the member’s area from any device with internet access and view everything.  You can still download the audio and PDF files if you want, but there’s no need to unless you want to listen to the program on your iPod, print out a “hard copy” to have at home, or something like that.

What this means is Text Your Ex Back works great on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Kindle, and every type of tablet, etc. that has internet access and is capable of reading PDF documents.  That’s just about everything out there these days.

In short, does Text Your Ex Back work for iPhone and iPad without leaving out any features?  Absolutely!

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