Is She Pulling Away? Why Her Sudden Lack Of Interest May Not Be Your Fault

She's being cold and distant and it's all your fault...or is it?

She’s being cold and distant and it’s all your fault…or is it?

Regardless of what you do in your relationship, women sometimes act indifferent.

At these times, men often notice that sex and even simple cuddling or touching are off the table. It’s important to understand that women are insanely complicated creatures. There may be countless reasons why she becomes cold and distant at any given time.

However, most of the time, those reasons have absolutely nothing to do with her partner. That’s not saying you’re always safe. But if you know you didn’t do anything to deserve the indifference, chances are it’s not about you.

The basics of attraction must be practiced consistently to avoid any potential blame for her loss of interest. The four elements of attraction are physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.  Once you learn how to implement those for optimal attraction magnetization, you can help your lady friend with her concerns that lead to the distance issues.

The Rules Of Keeping Your Woman Attracted to You

The essentials of attraction deal with emotional safety measures involving trust and deep respect. If she doesn’t feel safe in a relationship, you’ll lose her.

Implementing empathy and responding as a man instead of reacting like a boy to her needs are crucial practices, especially if you want to keep her around as a girlfriend or life-long partner. If you want to be the type of man women openly and enthusiastically respond to, the Girlfriend Activation System V2 can be a big help.

Along with being a man, personal hygiene and various habits that can destroy all other efforts are also concerns.

Open and honest communication about your own personal worth and values must take center stage in the relationship as well. Knowing your purpose, intent and where you’re heading romantically can help keep things hot and heavy. And even still, there will be days when even breathing around her is a potentially deadly mistake.

The surprising news is that you’re not the only one feeling like crap about it. She’s not happy with how she’s treating you or how she feels about herself.

So Then, What’s Wrong With Her?

Women’s websites give a sneak peak into the secret worries inside a woman’s mind. And it can be a dark and scary place that scares her because she knows you have no clue what’s going on inside her head.

She very well may know she loves you, but she hasn’t felt the passion she has longed for in ages and that makes her reconsider that you’re the one. Maybe she feels the familiar warm fuzzies, but everything you do grates against her nerves.

Or perhaps she really feels no attraction whatsoever and the the anxiety of sex leads to complete disinterest in the activity. Chances are she’s confused about why she’s feeling that way. So there’s no way you can be expected to figure it out.

While this is easier said than done, the best thing to do is try not to over-worry about it. Your anxiety will only make hers worse.

Anti-Attraction Anxiety

When a female anxiety specialist like Sheryl Paul speaks about the causes of anxiety disorders in committed relationships, people listen. Her article, “When You’re Not Attracted To Your Partner” discusses how debilitating anxiety can be, especially when the common fantasy of the perfect partner ebbs into reality and forces false beliefs that you’re with the wrong person.

This knowledge is intended to release the burden on men and remove the judgement on the women who seem to have such “irrational” behavior that leads to hurt feelings, avoidance, or worse.

Then it’s just a matter of figuring out exactly what she needs most from the relationship without any form of judgement. Males have to be strong to face these realizations to be the man you want to be for yourself and need to be for her. Being such a man will let her know in no uncertain terms that you accept the fact that her feelings and needs are important, while proving you’re able to support her without sacrificing your own masculinity.  Again, GFAS is one of the best places to start if you want to be the type of guy who women stay interested in long-term.

This is the type of man every woman wants and needs in her life. And this man inspires his woman to match his effort with her own. In many cases, attraction will thereby continue regardless of the opposing forces.

Of course, not all relationships are able to be saved, and there’s only so much emotional abuse and neglect anyone can accept. But as confidence overtakes fear and you become the man you want to be – giving all of yourself without expectation, the world opens its doors to you regardless of which ones may already be locked between you and your partner.