Is Dressing Skimpy Sexy The Only Way To Get Noticed By Men On Halloween?

Is taking it all off the only way to get noticed this Halloween?

Is taking it all off the only way to get noticed this Halloween?

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays. It gives people the chance to dress up as some of their favorite characters and get a lot of free candy. However, a common trend is currently developing among most Halloween costumes.

Any woman who has recently gone Halloween shopping knows that every type of female costume has been sexified. Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to find a “normal” ladies Halloween costume.

Sexy costumes are clearly in demand.  There’s even a sexy nun outfit and a skin-baring ninja turtle getup.

In the past, you could attend almost any costume party and you would find a few people dressed up as French maids or famous magazine bunnies. The important thing was that the number of modest and creative costumes was always higher when compared to the slutty ones. When you look at today’s sales racks, you can definitely tell that things have changed.

Over the years, I have come to accept that Halloween has become the unofficial holiday for dressing up like a hootchie mama. If I am wrong, please tell me on what other day people are allowed to lose their inhibitions, along with most of their clothes in public.

It might seem like I am being harsh, but let me say this first. Feeling sexy is a very good thing. Everyone should get all dressed up once in a while. It can actually boost your self-esteem and you will definitely have a fun night out.  However, it’s important that your Halloween costume also shows some creativity and class.

In a sea of inappropriate costumes, a more creative outfit that is more covered up will attract positive attention. In fact, it can leave a long-lasting impression.

Contrary to what most people think, a creative costume is a conversation starter. In fact, if you are a single girl, it can be a great way of attracting good guys. They will be interested in knowing more about your outfit.

If you are bold enough, you can even approach a guy you like and ask him to guess what you’re dressed up as. This will allow your unique personality to shine and men absolutely love this.

It doesn’t take much effort or brain power to buy a costume-in-a-bag. However, coming up with an original idea and putting it all together will showcase your wits.  This is a very attractive trait. Most men prefer to go out with a woman who is crafty and resourceful; someone who can think outside the box.

Ladies should remember that just because they have every opportunity to dress like a porn star this Halloween, it doesn’t mean they should. For instance, it might seem like a fun idea to hook up with the male stripper at your friend’s bachelorette party, but it never is. You will wake up the next morning filled with regret.

I’m not saying that you should be a total prude. That is not my idea at all. If you love to flaunt it, then go for it!

I’m simply trying to say that you can look hot and still be dignified. The two aspects don’t have to be mutually exclusive, even if it’s Halloween.

You can still look and feel incredibly sexy without stripping down to the “bare essentials”.