How To Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Man And Woman In Bed After Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Fix ED and take back your manhood!

Fixing erectile dysfunction starts by understanding the many causes of ED. Contrary to popular opinion, erectile dysfunction can strike men of all ages, and it isn’t confined to men in their golden years.

Because there’s such a negative stigma attached to the subject, even discussing the condition with a medical professional can take an enormous amount of courage and strength. As a man, you’re taught to believe that erectile dysfunction means there’s something inherently wrong with you. That somehow you’re less of a man, or weak, or incapable of performing the most basic of masculine, biological functions. But the reality is infinitely more complicated than that, and a number of factors can influence your ability to perform in the bedroom.

Being aware of all of the possible causes of erectile dysfunction will help you identify the source of your problem, and subsequently take steps to rectify it. So, as we discuss how to fix erectile dysfunction and the steps you can take on your own to treat the disorder, we’ll also look briefly at the causes behind the condition.

1. Medical Implants

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is brought on by physical conditions resulting from spinal cord injuries and neurological diseases.  If you find yourself in this particular situation, surgical implants may be the right way to go.

The basic idea is that small cylinders are implanted inside the penis and fluid is pumped into them. These effectively take the place of the blood and tissue that normally results in an erection. If you think implants may be the best option for you, consult with a medical professional as they do have side effects you’ll need to be aware of.

2. Hormonal Supplements

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a lack of testosterone, which is another completely normal and treatable medical condition. Testosterone supplements can be introduced into the body via patches, syringes, or gels that are absorbed through the skin.

It should be noted, however, that testosterone supplements may increase an individual’s desire for sexual intercourse, but it won’t affect the mechanics of the penis. So if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction as a result of a genuine physical malfunction, this may not be the right option for you.

3. Viagra / Cialis

Obviously, Viagra and Cialis have revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction after being introduced to the market place over the last two decades. If you’re wondering which brand is right for you, opinions are mixed.

In general, Cialis seems to set in more quickly and last longer, whereas Viagra seems to result in a stronger, more powerful erection. Examine the differences before speaking with your doctor about the subject.

4. The Natural Route

If you’d rather not pump your body full of chemicals, there are a number of herbal supplements and dietary protocols that seem to be effective at treating erectile dysfunction. These include ginko biloba and yohimbe, which are very popular alternatives to medications like Viagra and Cialis.

The Erectile Dysfunction Protocol by Jason Long is one of the most popular diet-based treatments for fixing ED, and is a good choice when used either by itself or as a complement to other treatments. Read Newspaper Cat’s Erectile Dysfunction Protocol review to learn more about this option.

It should be noted, however, that most of the evidence of the medical efficacy of these herbs and other natural remedies for erectile dysfunction is purely anecdotal and has not been corroborated or endorsed by any official government studies. So, as you try to determine how to fix erectile dysfunction, tread carefully when experimenting with anything that hasn’t been approved by the FDA, but don’t be afraid to try alternative solutions. It’s all about finding what works best for you!