Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) Review – Even Geeks Get Girls?

The Girlfriend Activation System: What Is It?

What is the Girlfriend Activation System? Admittedly, the title of the program sounds rather strange. How exactly does one “activate” a girlfriend anyway?

The title was probably meant to send a clear message that this dating and attraction course for men is very different from those hundreds of other “how to pick up women” dating programs. The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) promises to help its members meet quality women and then build lasting, long-term relationships.

We’ll hit on some of the high points of the GFAS program down below, but if you really want to know what this popular course is all about, we recommend you check out’s Girlfriend Activation System review. Newspaper Cat is a premier review site (and one we really love and turn to often), and they’ve done a fantastic job of breaking down the newest version (V2) of the Girlfriend System program.

The Basics

girlfriend system bannerThere are a lot of “bells and whistles” with the Girlfriend Activation System, but the basic, fundamental course consists of 23 different video modules. Each module can last anywhere from a few minutes to upwards of an hour.

A team of about 6 different dating coaches cover a wide range of topics including things like inner game, approaching, conversation starters, building attraction, setting up dates, creating sexual tension, escalating the relationship, and a ton more.

GFAS is designed to be a step-by-step system that walks you through the entire process of meeting a girl, asking her out, dating her, and eventually turning her into your girlfriend. Many of the individual training sessions also include participation from females in the audience who provide feedback on the techniques and help clarify the concepts being taught.

The first part of the Girlfriend Activation System focuses on “masculine power” and developing the specific male characteristics that women obsess over. This section can feel a bit intimidating at first, especially to men who lack self-confidence or who feel like they aren’t good enough to attract and date hot women. But stick with it, because this is the stuff that will make or break your success with women.

The Secrets

The Girlfriend Activation System is quick to point out that these typical masculine traits defined in the first few modules have very little to do with physical appearance. Masculine power isn’t about being “hot”, having money, or driving a cool car. Instead, being a man women obsess over comes from developing traits like dominance, confidence, mysteriousness, and genuineness. It also takes into account sexuality and being a challenge.

Some of the topics discussed in the GFAS program include:

  • Examples of body language that project confidence, virility, and dominance
  • The importance of keeping your cool in high-pressure situations
  • Controlling voice inflections, even when you don’t think that you have them
  • How to set up great dates including the first date, the “social date”, and the “sex date”
  • How to escalate to kissing and sex
  • How to start conversations and leave her wanting more
  • How to create sexual tension by being a challenge
  • And much more…

The Friend Zone

We’ve all been there. We really like this one certain girl, but we take so much time wooing her that we eventually land in The Friend Zone. You know the drill. This is when the girl looks at you like some sweet, older brother type who can also act as a stand-in for dateless Saturday nights.

The GFAS dating coaches teach you exactly how to avoid this from happening. They talk about what type of locations are best to take girls out on dates, what topics are best to talk about, what topics to avoid, and when to plant the first kiss. They even give explicit directions on how to get HER to ask YOU back to her place for a nightcap.

Specific details are even given about the perfect mood lighting for a man’s apartment. The coaches list what types of alcohol to stock in the fridge, which foods to cook when the girl finally agrees to an in-home date, and how to move the conversation into the bedroom. There is even a module designed for those who have already landed in the Friend Zone that gives very clear instructions on how to make the transition into boyfriend material quickly and painlessly.

The Extras

Now it’s time for some of those “bells and whistles” we mentioned earlier.

The Girlfriend Activation System includes a community forum where members post questions, share ideas, and offer both success and horror stories about dating. Sometimes the dating coaches from the videos weigh in too. The Girlfriend Activation System also comes with three bonus packages that contain a combined 17 different bonus programs that further enhance what is taught in the main Girlfriend System videos.

These include:

  1. The Confidence Package features programs like “When you feel like you’re not good enough” and “Assertive approaching”.
  2. The Seduction Package offers tips on everything from sexual texting to “The breathtaking hello.” This is where you can find info on turning friends into lovers, too.
  3. The Relationship Package discusses how to continue generating lust and passion well after the very first sex date. It also includes “The 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s”.

The message remains relatively consistent throughout The Girlfriend Activation System. The dating mentors tend to focus on landing a QUALITY girlfriend rather than teaching you how to manipulate or trick the hot supermodel at the end of the bar into a quickie.

The underlying point is always the same. Any man who wants to get better with women, no matter what he looks like, what kind of car he drives, or how much money he makes, can benefit from the Girlfriend Activation System. Click here if you want a girlfriend.