3 Ways To Be Chivalrous And Make Women Want You More

Women love chivalry!

Women don’t need a man to be chivalrous, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like it!

Do women still want chivalry?

In today’s day and age, women are no longer the damsels in distress depicted in medieval times. In fact, many things in society are now being run and dominated by women. We no longer need a man to bring home the bacon as we can certainly do everything by ourselves.

Obviously, I don’t really need a man to open a door for me, or to pull a seat from the table, or pay for our date, but I’ll be damned if I say I don’t like it.

Though the woman of today does not require her man to be chivalrous, it is definitely a major plus. If you want to win a woman’s heart, no matter how independent and successful she is, chivalry is always part of the equation.

If you don’t know how to be chivalrous without trying too hard, here are a few tips:

1. Open The Door

Open the building door, the car door, the office door – whatever door that stands in your way.

Have you heard of the saying, “Ladies First?”

Opening the door literally takes away the effort of pulling a heavy door by ourselves but the thought of you opening a door for us makes us feel like a princess – and every woman wants to feel like royalty, no matter how jaded we may be. It shows us that you see us as a lady and someone to be treated with utmost care.

2. Offer Your Jacket

When you offer to walk us home at night and it’s blistering cold, please do give us your jacket.

Even if I’m wearing a long-sleeved shirt and you’re wearing a hoody, please do put that jacket over my shoulders, especially when I give you a shiver. This act shows us that you are willing to sacrifice your own comfort for our own and it speaks a lot about your character.

Sacrificing your comfort for us gives us a glimpse about how well we will be taken cared of when we do enter into a relationship with you.

3. Pick Up The Tab

Well, at least for our first date.

If you asked me to go to dinner with you, I’ll usually offer to pay for my own meal but what I really want is for you to be a gentleman and pay for dinner. While I want to show you I am financially capable to take care of myself, it would really be nice if you took care of the expenses for our first date.

Being chivalrous really does get you brownie points when you want to win the heart of the woman you fancy. It shows that you really make an effort to make us feel well taken care of, which is something so rare today since men are getting used to women who assert their independence.

But you have to understand that there’s a major difference between chivalry and dominance. If a woman insists she carries her heavy bag by herself, don’t force her to give it to you – can you just imagine how the two of you will look like if you grab her bag and she pulls it back? Not a good sight to see if a cop is nearby, you know what I mean?

The key to chivalry is to respect a woman’s attitude towards it – if she doesn’t want you waiting for her outside the restroom, please don’t. And please, please, please, don’t ever order for her – no woman wants that.