3 Often Overlooked Traits Men Find Desirable In A Woman

Your smile may be more important than you know when it comes to attracting men!

Your smile may be more important than you know when it comes to attracting men!

Thanks to the media and other outlets, many women perceive men to have primitive or Neanderthal needs. They assume that the perfect woman in their eyes would be one who has a smoking hot body, will cook dinner as soon as they walk through the door, won’t complain, and will run into the bedroom at a moment’s notice.

Although many men would consider those attributes to be extremely important, there are many more factors that play a role in the perfect woman.

Men basically like anything physical about a woman: the curves of her body, her movements, her scent, etc. This should be no surprise as men are hardwired to enjoy those features.

But what else could a man want in that elusive perfect girl? Let’s find out.

1.) Positive Attitudes

First, and perhaps the most important, is men like women with positive attitudes.

It’s hard to enjoy the time spent with someone if they are purely negative about everything in their life. There are several areas in which a woman can be positive or upbeat, and one such area is how they treat men: not just the man they are interested in, but all men no matter how slight or insignificant they are to her.

Whether it be the elderly man in front of her at the grocery store who is holding up the line by writing a check, or the chiseled specimen she noticed the other day while pumping gas. Men like women who treat everyone the same. Obviously this doesn’t mean flirting with everyone within a few feet, but being generally respectful and positive towards them.

2.)  Arguing…Respectfully

This may sound a little weird, but the next characteristic is a woman who knows how to argue…respectfully.

No one wants to be in a relationship where they are right all the time and a disagreement every now and then can be beneficial for a relationship. However, when an argument does occur, the best way for a woman to win is not by screaming and shouting, but instead by using logic and putting someone in their place respectfully.

And why do men find this trait desirable in a woman?  Because it displays intelligence, composure, and the passion to stand up for something they believe in.

3.)  Smiling Often

Finally, men like women who smile, and smile often.

It is much easier to approach someone who loves to smile, likes to laugh, and is generally fun to be around. Conversely, it would be rather hard to approach someone who has a scowl and seems as though the world is against her. Therefore, a positive attitude and an upbeat demeanor will really make a woman much more appealing.

Smiling is particularly important for shy women because “shy” can often be misinterpreted as withdrawn, reserved, uninterested, or “stuck up”.  A great smile lets a guy know there’s an incredible and fun woman behind that quiet demeanor.

This is not a catch all list and these three attributes are not the only things that a woman should incorporate into her style and personality to make herself appealing. However, these points are often overlooked and taken for granted, and they will certainly give her a jump start in the right direction.